Being a member of the Constructors Guild of Iași means associating yourself with the quality standards in construction.

By becoming a member of the Guild, you will have the following benefits:

  • access to specific information from the international and Iași market. (auctions, legislative changes, training courses, news in construction and much more);
  • facilitated collaboration, exchange of experience and resources with other local companies;
  • belonging to a profile organisation and the ability to certify this by using the Guild’s logo;
  • negotiation and representation in relation to local authorities;
  • accessing non-refundable european funds for solving common needs like staff training on certain fields or starting a platform / laboratory for testing of materials;
  • free attendance at all of the Guild’s events or events the Guild is attending;

What you have to do in order to become a member?

  • The first eligibility criteria refers to the type of activity the company you are representing is performing. One of the CAEN codes must be part of the construction field.
  • After eligibility is ok, you must familiarise yourself with the Guild’s activity and it’s statute, which you can find here
  • You commit to respecting the Guild’s code of conduct by signing the membership which you can find here
  • You download, fill in, sign and stamp the information form needed for identifying your company.
  • You send the membership form, company information form and a copy of the ID card of the legal representative of the company, in an envelope, to the Guild’s headquarters
  • You will receive a registration number and will be notified as soon as possible regarding further necessary steps
  • The membership form will be analised and if everything is ok it will be approved by the Guild’s General Assembly
  • After these steps, the Constructors Guild of Iași will upload on the website your company profile and you will gain access to all our information and resources.

Next follows operating the decision into the Associations and Foundations Registry, making your company a full member of the Guild, gaining inclusive voting rights.

Are you ready to get to work? Download all the necessary documents here.

Questions? We’ll happily answer in the shortest time possible if you send them here.

Relevant resources:

Statute of the Guild Statute of the Constructors Guild of Iași Download (doc)
Membership form Constructors Guild of Iași membership form Download (doc)